I had my dream home in my heart and mind. Jay and Rachelle Bemis made it come to life. They worked with me on details to make it truly special and unique. Even though we were working through the COVID pandemic, they made the process enjoyable and built a beautiful, quality home. I couldn't be happier.

Jay and Rachelle are a joy to work with. Jay is the most knowledgeable and helpful contractor that I have worked with and Rachelle has an amazing eye for detail and design. In addition to building beautiful homes, they both work with such integrity and professionalism. If any problems arose, they were dealt with promptly and they always had our best interest in mind. I would definitely recommend them for your next home project or build.

Two years ago I contracted with Jay Bemis of Bemis Homes to frame and side a new home for my wife and I. It was time to downsize and having known Jay for years, we decided to hire he and his crew to do a portion of our new home. I have built three homes for my family and worked on countless church building projects over the years so I consider myself knowledgeable and experienced. My 62 year old body and a very busy schedule demanded that I sub out major parts of this project. Jay and his crew did exactly what we agreed upon in a timely and very professional manor. Having worked on framing crews in my younger years, I know all about cutting corners and compromises for the sake of speed. The team did neither and produced a product where the walls were plumb, level and beautifully built, a rarity these days. Even the building inspector notice the quality. I finish trimmed the interior of the home myself, which is where you truly discover how the framing was done. It was a delight to work on such a well built product.

I would highly recommend Bemis homes for all or part of your next project. Jay is a man of his word, again a rarity these days. What he tells you is what you will get.

We recently had the privilege of purchasing a Bemis Construction home. My husband and I have had many years of both professional and personal experience when it comes to new construction . Our new home is not only very pleasing to the eye but the quality throughout is amazing and we continue to be pleasantly surprised as we live there and come across new details of the home we had not noticed before. The interior choices for the home are both unique and classic at the same time, an ideal pair. My home has it's own personal character but yet not trendy feeling. It's like buying a beautiful outfit, knowing that it will never go out of style and will go with everything. It has been a pleasant experience purchasing our new home from Jay and Rachelle.

It so refreshing in this day to feel confident about the quality and integrity of someone's work, and that is how you feel with a Bemis Home.

I have sold homes for Bemis Homes Inc for several years now. I have also known Jay and Rachelle Bemis for many years. They are hard working, "down to earth" people. Very honest......one can take them at their word. I appreciate the fact that when a purchaser moves into one of the completed Bemis Homes and has lived there awhile, they have very good things to say about Bemis Homes--very happy clients. On the rare occasion "there has been an issue" Bemis Homes comes and takes care of the issue right away and this is a great satisfaction to the client.

Two years ago I contracted with Jay Bemis of Bemis Homes to frame and side a new home for my wife and I...

We moved our family into a new Bemis Home early this last spring, and we are so happy to be able to think of this place as our forever home. My husband and I were drawn to the house when we first saw the listing, and when we toured the home, we knew this was perfect for our family and future. We found the quality of the build to be outstanding with careful attention to detail, and the design of the house felt inviting and seemed customized to our tastes. After purchasing the house, we had the opportunity to work a little bit with Jay and Rachelle Bemis, and we were so impressed by their integrity and honesty, as well as their kind, welcoming nature. They took the time to make sure we had our questions answered upon moving in, and they kept their word when it came to finishing some landscaping work after the snow melted. Since we moved into the new house at the tail end of winter, we noticed some tile grout that had settled and cracked, and again, we were incredibly impressed by the responsiveness of the Bemis family. They took care of everything right away and even went above and beyond by ensuring that all of the grout work was in good shape. It made us feel so relieved to know that they care about the quality of their work, and stand behind it. Because of their quality craftsmanship, detailed design, and good character, we would absolutely recommend this company to anyone and everyone!

My name is Ruben Rodriguez. I've been doing paint work for Bemis Homes for about 4 years now, and I appreciate the quality of work they allow us to do. The Bemis family really builds a solid house and take extra steps to do things right. They are great people and I look forward to doing more projects with them.

My name is Dan Dhaenens, I been selling Real Estate for 23 years and i specialize in New Construction. I just had the privilege to sell a Bemis Home, I will say one of the smoothest and organize deals I have done. The home was about 50% done when I showed it and the workman’s ship and quality was top notch. Rachelle and Jay put their heart and soul in these homes and take so much pride in their work and product—just neat to see that people still care about all their product. I highly recommend a Bemis home.

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